EXNESS Golden Ratio Bonus Program

EXNESS Golden Ratio Bonus Program

EXNESS Golden Ratio Bonus Program
EXNESS Golden Ratio Bonus Program

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Exness one of the leading Forex brokers started a new interesting program knows as Golden Ratio Bonus Program. A few important things to note is that the bonus size is attached to the exchange rate for gold, and the bonus grows as the trading volume on your account increases.

EXNESS Golden Ratio Bonus Program:

  • In order to participate in this bonus program, you must register a trading account and select the bonus program in your Personal Area.
  • Your bonus is calculated for every thousand USD of Net Deposit.
  • Updates to bonus size occur within 4 hours of the last transaction or deposit/withdrawal of funds.
  • To convert the trading volume to USD: 450,000 EUR = 450,000 x 1.25000 = 562,500 USD = 0.5625 mln USD
  • If you deposit up to 1K net USD you get 2 grams of gold
  • If you deposit up to 5K net USD you get 3 grams of gold
  • If you deposit up to 8K net USD you get 5 grams of gold
  • If you deposit more than 8K net USD you get 8 grams of gold
  • Provided to verified user
  • Registration period – 01.02.2015 — 31.05.2015
  • Fo bonus size in USD – Example the current spot price XAUUSD is 1400.000, therefore, the bonus in monetary equivalent amounts to 0.5 x (1400.000 / 31.1) = 22.51 USD

These are a few things mentioned on the offer page of EXNESS Golden Ratio Bonus Program.

Remember, it is clarified that the decision whether to grant a Bonus is at the Company’s sole discretion, and the company reserves the right refuse the opening of new positions if there are no funds available for withdrawal.

There are some other conditions attached, which can be read on the offer page.

Source – Exness

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